In-Home Services: Everything You Need To Know 

In-home services are basically care and support services from the professionals to assist a person at home. In-home supportive services help the sick elderly people, disabled people, or manage kids to live safely in their home. In our busy life, we may need the help of this type of service to take care of a sick family member, or someone who is aging and in need of assistance to live independently. Professional caregivers like nurses, aides, and therapists provide such care and assistance in the home.

Our team of Comfort Kare provides high-quality health care services to promote well-being and safety of the customers. We have a social skills group, personal care, speech therapy and skilled nursing services in Northern Virginia. We provide compassionate and high-quality care in the comfort of our client’s home. Let’s know more about the in-home health care services in the discussion below. 

Various types of In-home supportive services

In-home care services come in many forms for different purposes. You can choose the service based on your individual needs and priorities. All sorts of in-home health care services share the same goal of offering peace and support. These services help people in need to live independently on their own. Let’s talk about the different types of in-home care services now.

Personal care service and companionship 

Personal care services are offered to people who need help with their everyday personal tasks. This service assists the aged, disabled, or individuals with other restrictions to continue their daily lives. For example, the personal care service team will offer help with patient transfer assistance, incontinence care assistance, maintaining personal cleanliness, bathing, dressing, meal preparation, household chores, and so on. This service is also known as non-medical care or companion care service. The main theme of this service is to help the customers throughout their personal lives for a better quality of life.

Short term healthcare service

In-home healthcare services offer short-term physician-directed assistance for patients. This program is specially designed for patients recovering from injury, surgery, or hospital stay. Severely injured patients need the observation of a professional physician daily. Apart from the constant care of a nurse, they need to be under the regular watch of a professional doctor. In-home health care services take care of this situation with utmost carefulness and constant supervision. This support service is also known as Medicare-certified home health care or intermittent skilled care service. 

Skilled nursing services

Skilled nursing services aim to support individuals with complex needs. The team of licensed nurses takes care of these tasks. For example, they offer long-term, hourly nursing care at home. They support the individual with a chronic illness, injury, or disability. This support service is also known as home-based skilled nursing care. 

Here are some examples of the long-term nursing services:

  • The skilled nurses administer medications, and monitor the vital signs of the patients 24/7.
  • They manage wounds and provide IV therapy.
  • The professional nurses also help in chronic disease management.
  • They assess the disease symptoms and deliver personalized care. 
  • They assist the patients during post-surgical recovery.
  • Nurses offer assistance with daily living activities to achieve a better life.
  • They help with the insertion, maintenance, and monitoring of catheters for patients.
  • They regularly check the heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and oxygen saturation levels of the patients.
  • They also give specialized therapies through exercises and other activities.
  • They constantly monitor the recovery and comply with medication administration. 
  • Skilled and professional nurses support the healing process after surgery.
  • They offer services like dressing changes and ulcer management.
  • They assist the patients by reminding them to take their prescribed medications timely. 

Social skill builders

The social skill builder team assists an individual to improve their social connections and develop critical social skills. Professional and qualified specialists conduct these services. They work to improve their communication skills, emotional intelligence, problem-solving skills, and other skills.

Their work includes a variety of support services. For example-

  • They teach the individual the basic greetings and introductions. They conduct sessions on how to greet others, introduce themselves, and initiate conversations.
  • They help in gaining active listening skills. They help the children learn to express themselves in a broader arena.
  • They offer services to improve the conversation skills of the children. They take sessions on how to initiate a conversation with familiar people and strangers. Also, the learning process includes lessons on how to take turns speaking, and how to ask pertinent questions.
  • They help the kids to learn how to regulate emotions. This process of emotional regulation is not easy for many children. They find it hard to cope with society and peer groups. This support service is beneficial for those children. The professional team assists the kids in identifying, controlling, and comprehending their own emotions as well as the emotions of others. 
  • They also teach non-verbal communication which is very important for the children. They teach the value of gestures, facial expressions, and body language in social interactions.
  • These services help the children improve their problem-solving skills. It is helpful for them to recognize social difficulties, come up with solutions, and use efficient problem-solving techniques.
  • They take sessions on social etiquette and manners. They teach people about social standards, manners, and appropriate behavior in a variety of contexts, such as at home, school, or in public.

ABA Therapy

ABA Therapy also known as Applied behavior analysis therapy is a special kind of autism treatment. The aim of this therapy is to teach skills and expected behavior to the autistic person through reinforcement. Here, the desired behavior is promoted to the patient and unwanted behavior is discouraged.

How does ABA therapy work?

  • The therapist starts work through the assessment of the patient’s medical history and previous treatments.
  • The therapist observes the child continuously from the initial sessions and evaluates progress after each session.
  • The therapists use rewards to insert desired behavior into the child.
  • ABA therapy tries to develop communication, language, and other skills of the autistic child. 
  • The sessions are taken throughout different settings such as the patient’s home, school, inpatient programs, etc. 
  • ABA therapy does not only work with the autistic child but also trains the parents. It is done to make the parents ready to support their child in all sorts of environments.
  • Normally, the therapy hours vary from 10 to 25 hours per week.

Hopefully, you have gained a better perspective on in-home support services from this above discussion. 

Comfort Kare: Your reliable assistance in daily needs in Alexandria, VA

Our team at Comfort Kare Services provides excellent caregiver services in Northern VA. Also, we have many other packages of in-home health care support. We have behavioral health care specialists to conduct ABA therapy and speech therapy. Our professional and experienced team delivers  high-quality healthcare services for the customers so that they can live more independently. We ensure that our customers get their desired  comfort from our services.

For inquiries about ABA therapy, personal care services, health care service, or skilled nursing services, please contact us at (703) 986-3232 or via email at We are located at 241 Garrisonville Rd Ste 202, Stafford, VA 22554. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and valuable resources.

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