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Why Comfort Kare Services?

A Virginia licensed Home Health Agency specializing in Aba therapy. Social skills group, Personal care, Speech therapy and Skilled nursing services in Northern Virginia. We take pride in delivering compassionate, high-quality care in the comfort of our client’s home. Established in 2016, our diverse group of professionals and paraprofessionals support kiddo’s in Fairfax County, Loudon County, Arlington County, Prince William County, Stafford County, and Spotsylvania County

Trusted Community

With more than 10 years of trustworthy work experience, we bring a lot of knowledge to deliver high-quality in-home health care services.

Safety Guaranteed

Our primary goal is your safety, and we ensure a safe and secure setting while providing in-home health care services.

Quality Care

We are dedicated to providing high-quality treatment that goes above and beyond expectations, making sure that your contentment and well-being come first.

For children 2 year to 21 years

For kids between the ages of 2 year to 21 years, we offer specialized care that promotes their growth and well-being through specialized services.

Pediatric Professionals

Our team is made up of devoted pediatric specialists that are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about offering the best care possible for kids.

Our Services

Elevating Care, Empowering Lives

Skilled Nursing Services

Medical care provided by licensed nurses with specialized training and expertise.

Personal Care Service

Assistance with daily activities to support independence and well-being.

ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis therapy for behavioral intervention and skill development.

Speech Therapy

Therapeutic interventions to improve speech, language, and communication skills.

Social skills group

Group-based interventions to enhance social interactions and communication abilities.

What to Expect From Us

Comfort Kare’s mission is to maintain the dignity, comfort, safety, independence, well-being, and happiness of each client by referring the highest quality professional. Our passionate and engaging team strive to empower families by providing ongoing support and resources.

Affordable prices

Our services are reasonably priced, so you may get high-quality care without going over your spending limit.

Highly trained

Our team of professionals is skilled experts with the knowledge and abilities required to provide top-notch care.

Flexible Time

In order to meet your needs and deliver care at a time that is convenient for you, we provide flexible scheduling choices.

Regular assessments

Our services include routine assessments to track progress and deliver the best care possible, ensuring continual improvement.


Looking for in-home care services?

Comfort Kare understands that our clients have differing circumstances and health conditions and thus, they have their own unique, individual needs. We provide Skilled nursing services, Speech therapy, personal care service, Social skills group and ABA therapy.

Our goal is to not only assist our clients in their daily tasks providing care and connection, but to remove the worry of your loved ones living on their own. 


In Home and Clinic Setting Therapy Services

Experience the advantages of therapy at our clinic or in the convenience of your own home. For those with autism spectrum disorder and related developmental issues, our highly educated specialists provide individualized therapies, assuring efficient and practical treatment alternatives.

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Tips & Trick For Parents

Image: Child Engaging in Home Activity - A cheerful child dressed up and happily participating in a home activity, illustrating the positive impact of ABA treatment on fostering positive home behaviors.
ABA Therapy

Positive Home Behaviors Through ABA for Children

Discover the transformative power of ABA treatment in fostering positive home behaviors for children. Learn how tailored interventions empower children to thrive and succeed at home, paving the way for a brighter future.

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ABA Therapy

Effective ABA tips to Support Minimize Nail and Skin Picking Habits.

Discover effective ABA tips to support your child’s development and minimize nail and skin picking habits. Explore strategies for identifying triggers, introducing replacement behaviors, increasing self-awareness, reinforcing alternatives, and creating a sensory toolkit. Guide your child towards healthier habits with our practical tips

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ABA Therapy

Social Stories: Unlocking Social Skills with ABA Techniques

Social stories are a valuable tool for teaching social skills and promoting positive behaviors. In this blog, we uncover the power of social stories and explore how ABA techniques can maximize their effectiveness. Learn how to create personalized stories, incorporate visual supports, and use modeling to enhance your child’s social development. Let’s embark on an imaginative journey towards social success!

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