Personal Care Services

What is Personal Care Services ?

A variety of supporting and necessary services are referred to as “personal care services” and are given to those who need help with their everyday personal tasks. These services are often offered to those who find it difficult to accomplish chores because of their age, disability, condition, or other restrictions.

Services for personal care are intended to support people in maintaining their personal cleanliness, health, and general quality of life.


Personal care services

Medication Reminders

Assistance in reminding individuals to take their prescribed medications timely.

Daily Monitoring & Reporting

Regularly observing and documenting vital information and reporting any significant changes.

Errand Services

Running errands to assist with tasks such as shopping or transportation.

Meal Preparation & Feeding

Preparing meals and providing assistance with feeding for individuals as needed.

Ambulation, Activity & Transfer Assistance

Providing support and assistance with walking, engaging in activities, and transferring individuals between different positions or locations as needed.

Light Housekeeping & Organizing

Help with light cleaning tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, laundry, and organizing.

Retrieval of Mail & Packages

Collecting and delivering mail and packages for individuals as requested.

Patient Transfer Assistance

Providing support and assistance in safely transferring patients between different locations or positions.

Incontinence Care Assistance

Assistance with managing and addressing issues related to incontinence care.

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